About Boudoir Boutique Photography

We are a mother & daughter team –

Photographer …. Jenny, Hair & make-up artist ….. Becky

Our passion is to capture you at your very best. In a fun, relaxed atmosphere, while having a giggle …… no rush & no pressure!!

As women (especially Mums) we tend to be in the background, making things happen, making our loved ones happy. If, like me, you take photographs of the family, documenting growth, achievements & milestones, but don’t want to be in front of the camera, try thinking about how your loved ones would feel if you were no longer around, for some reason, and they had no images of you to remind them of their beloved Mum/wife/daughter/sister………..they would be devastated….. they don’t see the flaws (real or imagined) that you see they simply see someone they love to bits.

When someone pointed this out to me it was a real wake-up call… a slap round the face!! So I am now happy (well sort of) to be infront of the camera, rather than just behind it. 

Boudoir Boutique Photography